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      Just wanted to say a quick hello to all the great people I met today on N&S Twin and Galehead.
      Also, thanks to the pilot of the A-10 doing flybys of the peaks! :flag:

      I was able to snap this picture off while he (or she:D) was over South Twin:

      Did anyone get any closer shots? I have seen the A-10s flying a few times in the whites but he almost seemed to be aware of the event and was visiting most of the peaks in that area. A great tribute I thought.


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        Great shot ryan! We all definitely noticed as he flew by Monroe

        Sherpa John
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          I got a pic of it as he flew low in the Pemi Between Owls Head and the ravines of the Bonds. I’ll have to get a look at it tomorrow and post a link.

          Very Cool indeed!

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            Here’s one from when he buzzed Franconia Ridge. I didn’t even notice the contrails at the time. 😮


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              @Jenifer wrote:

              Here’s one from when he buzzed Franconia Ridge. I didn’t even notice the contrails at the time. 😮


              Awesome pic!! I didn’t find out until I got home tonight but I guess there was an air show in NH today (according to my roommate). Probably why he had the contrails. Well done on that action shot!!

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                Yes, they were part of the BNAS air show.


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                  Great shots Ryan and Jen.

                  The A-10 flew over Mt Cabot too. How wonderful!

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                    Moved to Pictures forum.

                    Little Bear
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                      Great photo!! I work in aviation and you should really consider submitting that picture to They collect photos of all types of aircraft and the folks who visit that site would appreciate the uniqueness of the A-10 pic you took. I say it would get voted one of the top pics of the month on that site.

                      And just to clarify, what you are seeing in this photo are not contrails. Contrails form when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature. Instead, what you are actually seeing are wingtip vortices. As a wing flies through the air, it generates a low pressure zone on top of the wing. Fluids naturally flow from high to low pressure and the relatively high pressure air below the wing has a natural tendency to flow to the top of the wing. The air naturally cannot flow around the leading or trailing edge of the wing due to airspeed, but it can flow around the end. Consequently, air flows from below the wing, out around the edge to the top of the wing in a circular fashion. Since vortices cause a low-pressure area at their centre, sometimes water precipitates out to form clouds in the vortices allowing wingtip votices to be seen. This is most common on aircraft flying at high angles of attack, such as fighter aircraft pulling high G manouevres.

                      It was pretty awesome to see this A-10 yesterday. It certainly appears the pilot made the rounds of peaks. Nice that he (or she) gave us an aviation equivalent of “thumbs up” for our event and paid tribute to our raising of the flags.

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                        Thank you Chardog!
                        We were the S. Twin croo and my picture did not do it justice.
                        Greatly appreciate the photo!
                        Truly an added memorable moment for this years event.
                        Bill (Pucknuts)

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                          We saw the A-10 flyby over our South Twin peak, it was awesome! 😮
                          He made 3 passes, each time pulling some stunt stuff, wing rolls, ect.
                          But one pass he pulled off a low barrel roll right over the summit!
                          Very Cool!
                          Missed the photo opps, so glad I see some others caught it.

                          What a great day :flag:


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                            Wow. That’s just tremendous. Thanks for the pictures, everyone who captured these shots!

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                              Wow, fabulous photos!!
                              Team Zealand never saw the jet but…
                              we heard it and felt it!!
                              Pretty sure the pilot could see our flag…
                              :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag:

                              12 feet over tree top!!!!


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                                @dirt_girl wrote:

                                12 feet over tree top!!!!

                                That’s just awesome. Well done!

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                                  Chardog, (Ryan)
                                  I hope you don’t mind that I added your A-10 shot over South Twin to our album. I gave you photo credit. :flag:

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