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    one left. Wildcat A

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    Owl’s Head was flying the Stars and Stripes.

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    Today I received word that Wildcat A was covered today which gives us 100% coverage for year! This runs our coverage streak to 9 years in a row. I’d like to personally thank all the VOLUNTEERS who went out under uncertain weather conditions and helped make this years event a success. A big thumbs up goes to David Breton and his Blackhawk crew for the added bonus of a flyby this year. A thank you also goes to the guys of the Steering Commitee who volunteer their time to get this off the ground every year.

    Final note: Flags is just a rememberance. Flags is people taking the time to work together to acheive a simple goal. When we worry about the after-party, t-shirts, calendars and what not, we are losing sight of of why we are really out there. I’m commited to keeping this event as “pure” as possible. It’s a simple rememberance event and it allows hikers from all aspects of life to participate. Hope to see you all next year.

    > Safe travels, Silentcal

    Dick Bedard
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    Well I am really glad I did participate this year…My 1st but won’t be my last….I have wanted to do something for a 9-11 remembrance …When I saw this it was “I have to do this” …I got 2 of m friends to come along & with Team Darwin I & we had a GREAT TIME….

    I did my hike for Engine 33 Ladder 9 of the NYFD that lost 10 members. I have meet 1 of the survivors which made this hike more memorable

    I’d like to thank Shawn of Team Darwin to take over Mt Hale …He did a great job & had everything we needed to fly Ole Glory

    Thanks again &
    Let us Never Forget

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    Thanks Dick, I had an awesome time too. You guys were great! Hope to see you guys next year!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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