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      Thanks to Pepsi for taking Mt. Bond and claiming the final peak!

      We do have someone that is possibly lined up for Mt. Washington.

      Thank you to everyone that has signed up and spread the word. All we need now is sunshine and a slight breeze!

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        Y’know….somehow I knew it would be Pepsi!!

        Can’t wait. :flag:


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          Is that Washington someone me? I have been really busy getting ready for my up coming down time. Sorry for the lack of a reply. How does the Mt. Washington thing usually work? I assume that putting the flag at the “actual” peak is not advised. Where should one set up? I have always wanted to try out the cog train ride. It could be fun. Does it operate in rainy weather? Is the road to the top open in rainy weather? I am not much of a “people person”, but would arrive with a printout of the mission statement.

          If that someone is not me, that’s ok also. I (and the doctors) actually have no idea what condition I will be in when I get out.

          In any event, wish me luck!

          So many questions, so little time to prepare.

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            We’re hoping its you Amadeus. Mt. Washington has always been a tough one. I don’t recall anyone actually setting something up at the summit proper. Most folks, I gather, have moved around the summit area. It’s your call entirely as to how you wish to fly the flag. If you want to set up something small and then spend your time in the observatory , that’s okay.

            I’m not sure exactly how the Cog Railway works and what their schedule is. Please refrain from using the term “rainy weather”. We will have none of that!

            Good Luck with the doctors, Keep us posted.

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              Pepsi’s the Man!

              Amadeus is coming in a close second!

              What da ya mean ‘rainy weather? what condition?’

              Then the festivities begin! What else?! It dosen’t get much better than this!!

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                @Amadeus wrote:

                How does the Mt. Washington thing usually work? I assume that putting the flag at the “actual” peak is not advised. Where should one set up?

                I contacted last year’s Washington hiker, and here’s what she did. Hopefully this will give you some ideas:

                When we first arrived at about 11:30, we went toward the Crawford Path and flew the flag towards the Southern Presis. Just before noon, I went to the summit and made a little announcement about the event and asked that everyone hold off and let us fly the flag at the summit at noon, which we did. We then went to the platform and held it aloft toward the Northern Presis and the C-M range.

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                  Glad to read the hiker’s rock pile post. This gives me even more ideas to share with all next year.

                  Pinkham Notch Visitor’s Center agreed to display a laminated flyier almost 2 weeks ago. I checked Thursday when our group hiked the Carters and all is well.

                  Full Coverage once again! Woo-hoo!!

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                    Hi all.

                    The surgery went “well” but recoup is taking a long time and has had some complications. I will not be able to participate in this year’s hike. Darn. I will miss the hike, and the people, and the trees. I am looking forward to seeing the photo gallery when the event has concluded. I wish you all a safe and comfortable hike.


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                      Bill, sorry to hear it! Best wished on a complete recovery as soon as possible. We’ll make sure to get you on a hill next year!

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                        Yes, what Chris said!!

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