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      We should open this for debate. With the event being held on Sunday, at the planning meeting it was discussed to have a gathering on the Saturday evening before the event. Suggestions included the Highland Center, various local eateries and establishments. During the meeting, we pushed an idea to have it at Broken Branch campground in Woodstock N.H. The campground was very friendly and receptive towards the idea and a large common area between some sites could serve as a get together. This type of gathering would be one where you bring your own food and beverages. Several persons have volunteered to bring grills and campfire wood. I want to gauge how much interest their is in this type of setting or should we just try a place like the Woodstock Inn or Mooseland Grill. Please understand that in my views the memorial event comes first, the pre or post gathering comes a distant second. Opinions, ideas, comments???????

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        Some quotes from previous discussions:

        As long as it’s a place that will hold a large amount of space or a room for us. It’s not the same if we get spread around the place.

        People are coming from many different directions and at all different times so I would tend to suggest something in the Twin Mountain area.

        I would guess that the majority of us live south of the White Mtns. So it would seem that the Lincoln area might be more practical, especially for those who will be in the southern White mtns.

        there just aren’t many places with the capacity to hold 40 or 50 of us in addition to the regular “Saturday night crowd.”

        Nothing beats freshly brewed beer!!!

        It would be nice if a ski area was willing to open up the bar and outdoor grill and just pay as you go. Have a limited menu.

        Greg just had checked with several ski areas; however, they all would treat it as an event (like a wedding reception) with payment up front, etc., so we nixed the idea.

        I just want a place to sit, grab a bite to eat, and chat about the day.

        I’d like to enjoy a quality brew or two after the hike instead of the usual Bud’s and Coors.

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          We discussed this in length at the May 23 meeting. All agreed with frodo that we’re outdoors people who enjoyed the Broken Branch KOA very much and we planned to camp there Saturday night, Sept 10, feast, converse, meet old friends, and make new ones. We bring our own food & drink w/o having to wait in a crowded building. Nothing like the great outdoors, amble space at our own almost 2 acre “island”, great people and a campfire. It doesn’t get much better than this!

          More details on our camping, hiking, and planning weekend can be found here.

          Katz for President!

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            Yeah, by September I’ll have just about gotten the smoke smell out of everything so it’ll be time for one of Magic’s fires to reodorize my gear. 🙂

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              I’ll second KOA for another reason – they’re pet friendly. Kaya the Wonder Dog would be happy to hear that she doesn’t have to spend all of dinner in the car.

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                Gee, Magic, will Ghostdog be able to handle an influx of multiple dogs that day?

                Is this the Kaya I know or does the universe hold more than one Kaya? 🙂

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                  There may be many dogs named Kaya out there, but there is only one real Kaya. Sort of the Platonic ideal of kaya-ness. Yup, she’s the one you know.

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