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    I would prefer just one day…and lean towards whenever the 11th falls on. In 2006 9/11 is on a Monday…do we then do three days?

    I understand the rationale for making it a Saturday event. However, and perhaps it just me, with a little prior planning (and you have a years to do so) taking a week-day or two off to do FTO48 is not impossible. Yes…I know “everyone” is different…with different obligations, commitments and what-not…however….this holds true for all days…..ah hell…little hard to explain.

    Let me try this. If this event was on a Wednesday…I’d be there…and from what I have seen on this board, on the peaks and at the Mooseland…I would wager a T-shirt most would be there as well.

    Perhaps not a T-shirt…their collector items. 😉

    Just some thoughts.

    Peace. :flag: