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    All clubs and organization (this is both and yet neither) require a lot of work to keep things running smoothly. A website alone takes a lot of TLC to keep it running smoothly and to make the many modifications that are required/reqeusted.

    Having been a founding member of a large Sea Kayaking club on the North Shore, I personally know exactly how much work is done behind the scenes, and the drain on both personal time and ones pocketbook.

    All I did last weekend was go for a hike on a great day, enjoyed great views, and along the way talked to many wonderfull people as we shared our memories of a very tragic day. Yeah – carrried a few extra pounds of gear up the hill.

    In my mind Steve, Greg, and a few others are the key players that have done 90% of the work while we all enjoy the benefits.

    If the general feeling of the overall group is to keep this website/event completely volunteer based, then people need to show their support in terms of offering to fill a role for next years event, and by offering financial assistance to keep this site going.

    Steve – until a planning meeting can be held (who wants to volunteer to organize it?) maybe we can start with the supporters web page that was suggested. Just tell me where to send a check – it will be in the mail tomorrow.