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OK. So far we have:
One cancellation.

Meet at trailhead at about 7am?!?!?!?! (assumes 1 mile an hour on the way up) (5 miles up)

Those of us shacking up in Franconia will have to leave at about 6am. (~50 miles to trail head)

We can do the loop, start at either end, etc.

The flag is ready, the pole is ready. We need a small camera, mine is too huge.

Someone has to print out and bring the pdf thingy.

Everyone needs headlights, just in case. The sun will set at 7:05pm, with (civil) twilight lasting until 7:34pm. If we leave the peak at 2 & get down in 4 hours – everything should be fine.

I will check my numbers against the AMC guide’s numbers, when I get to my guide – currently in Franconia. If anyone has a copy handy, let me know what the estimated times are.

That is all for now.
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