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We had a great day on Willey. As others have noted, the weather was perfect. I was joined by 6 others as we went to Willey, stopping on the way to enjoy the great views on Avalon. Since I had never been to Mt. Tom, I detoured to that peak on the way back with 3 others and went on to Mooseland.

Mooseland seemed unprepared to handle the numbers that came, but four 4 of us stayed to visit a while. I enjoyed seeing people I had met in 2002, and liked having the chance to meet some new people – especially ones I’d come to know on line. The FoT48 preparations were great. I picked up a shirt, enjoyed the pens and made a tag for myself. Since we were all hungry, and I got tired of struggling to get attention at the bar we left before long and got something to eat on the way out.