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@smitty77 wrote:

Nicely done! The new template is easier to navigate IMO and just seems to read better than the old one. The new logo at the top is also very eye catching. Any plans to make the front page photo rotate like the one on AZ?

Overall appearance has been brought ot the next level. Bravo! 8)

Thanks for the kind words, smitty. Obviously, the forums now have the official FOT48 Web colors. Once I go live with the new design, I’ll apply it to the forums as well.

The rotation photo is still a possibility, but probably not before 7/4. I do it on AZ by using my ad rotation software, but that’s a bit overkill for here. What I think would be great would be if we could resize and rotate the images from the Gallery, but that’ll be a bit tricky to get going and it may need custom programming. Stephen?! 😉

Any other comments on the new site design? Please be brutally honest. 🙂