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    Ok…file this one under “life sucks”…..but..

    Have to withdraw from the Planning Meeting and I am not all that thrilled about the reason. 😥

    My friend’s bachelor party, I was told today, is scheduled for that week-end (rafting trip). Although I am tempted to tell the person who is organizing I am busy…this guy (groom) did make it to my party and well…being a guy…you just don’t do that type of thing.

    I am really disappointed. Was looking to take a more active role in this great event. I would like to extend an invitation to use my place (Camp in the Blue Hills) for any additional meetings that may be held this summer (pool, basketball, volleyball, dayhiking, etc.). Close to Boston and I will provide the beer/food (late August perhaps?).

    Anyways, I am truly sorry and look forward to the awesome ideas and plans that I know will be generated by this week-end.

    BTW….heaven and earth could not keep me away from getting a flag to a peak this 9/11. I’m MORE than in for that…and the Mooseland. 😛 Got everyone there American Flag bandanas…have to out do that this year.