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@SilentCal wrote:

Should we send a mass- email to all the participants to get that vote as well or limit it to those on the boards?

I would like to avoid the mass Email thing. The peak sign-up process didn’t include an option to receive Emails or not. Some folks are very sensitive to that and I would like to avoid having anyone complain or fault AZ for violating their privacy. Due to the nature of the event, that’s not likely to happen, but it only takes one “bad apple”. Perhaps on this year’s sign-up we can include an opt-in for Email notices.

With notifying everybody, we also run the risk of creating a large “event” out of what really should be a small gathering to brainstorm. I think the folks that frequent this forum would suffice for a planning get-together. We also don’t want to overrun a campground or hut with say a hundred people as that may also paint the event in a bad light. It also detracts from one premise behind this whole thing; its “grassroots” nature. Just my opinion…