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    @MtnMagic wrote:

    Frodo: Won’t you kindly take donations to pay for a new flags website, to help defray the cost of the patches, and have some capital to buy flags, poles, and perhaps to buy calenders that I’m sure the participants would purchase and have a few for sale at the Mtn Wanderer, et al. It a great idea for the future.

    I also think the idea of meeting in 6 months to brainstorm the next event is important and most necessary.
    I want to buy you some Guinness!

    I made the suggesstion to a couple people that a non-profit charitable group be setup so that money could be collected without tax implications… but the idea was killed for fear of losing the grass-roots nature of the event.

    However I still suggest (and this may already be playing into Frodo’s thinking) that we avoid passing money around without this shelter in place. It only takes one disgruntled person to complain to the media and/or the IRS that money is changing hands and a whole lotta bad PR comes down.

    That’s my 2-cents worth (tax-free, I hope…) 🙄