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    Eric should have the design for us at work tomorrow. I may have to scan it and post it in the Mt. Carrigain album. I’m quite computerly challanged so bear with me. Having the same patch but changing the years would be okay with me. Newcomers that participate would see older patches and maybe realize the importance of their hike more. I think it would attract repeat flag-bearers and keep present flag-bearers with a small badge of honor to remember the day.
    I’m not sure i understand the calendar concept being put forth. I’ve seen shutterfly 12-month calendars and the quality is very good. I’ve never seen 4 pictures for one month though. Would that increase the cost of the calendars? 4 pictures would be a great idea if we had pictures from all the peaks. However taking both galleries together we are still missing some peaks:
    Middle Carter
    South Carter
    North Kinsman
    Owl’s Head
    Middle Tripyramid
    What would we do for these peaks?