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LiveFreeorDie NH
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    The American Flag has had a presence in my home ever since I can remember.
    To me this is a symbol of PRIDE and has too many emotions and feelings to list.

    I have planned to participate in this event for some time now and have been silent. I never thought of this as having any political ties. The hike to me is a day of remembrance, and to reflect on everything that has happened in the world.

    I have seen many signs going up for special church services and community activities on Sept 11th. This event simply is a group of people (each having their own reasons) who are choosing this as a way of reflecting on what has happened. I am PROUD to be a small part of it.

    To those who feel that this is any different, I would suggest that they THINK on their own and pay less respect to TV and the media. The topic of a possible war with Iraq has been given a lot of attention, (while it may happen) has it happened yet?
    A few years ago we where trying to figure out why there where so many shark attacks (ummm…..where there any more than in the past years?) The current topic is child abductions (is this anything new, nope, just the topic of the day).
    Unfortunately, today in the world of political correctness, some one will take offense to almost anything.

    This is one reason why our country is so great. Everyone is entitled to make and form their own opinions.

    “Patriotism” – devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.