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I was personally a little “traumatized” by a couple of the posts on the AMC boards myself. Then I noticed that a couple of the negative posts were written by a couple of people who obviously had not bothered to read the mission statement or the FAQ’s.
All of us remember where we were when we first heard about the planes hitting the WTC. My 15 yo daughter was sitting in on the second week of her jrROTC class when someone brought the news to the colonol that maybe they should turn on a televison. Long after the other kids had put it out of their minds, she and the other cadets are still hearing about it….and about the war we are currently fighting. Yes, in spite of everything, she signed up for the class again this year. She has gone on with her life…she goes to school, works, hangs with her friends and does everything a girl her age should be doing. But she hasn’t forgotton the images, she hasn’t forgotton that innocent people died, that parents lost children, that children lost parents. She wants to remember, even if it means she’s going to cry when she does it. She’s wise enough, even at her age to know this is something she doesn’t want to forget. She was given the choice of whether or not we should participate. We’ll be there.
We want to participate in order to help us remember. Some things should never be forgotton–concentration camps, race riots, the Cold War, Vietnam, (bad enough) and the way many Vietnam Vets were treated upon coming home (even worse), the WTC….By forgetting, we will once again allow these things to happen. This event has nothing to do with politics, war, peace. It has everything to do with the fact that for whatever reason, each of us decided to unite for a common purpose. In this case the flag is simply a symbol of Unity, a sign of remembrance.
Congratulations to everyone involved for getting this event organized. I’m sure it was no easy task. Thank-you for allowing my daughter and I to participate. I’ll be praying for good weather and clear skies so that I can see as many flags as possible(Guess I’ll bring the GOOD binoculars, even if they are a little heavier 😉 )