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    Greg, I’ve kept my mouth shut while others on the AMC board have attacked our intentions for organizing this event since I believe everyone has a right to voice an opinion regardless if I agree with it or not. However, I don’t believe we should alter, rewrite, or revise our mission statement just because one person has a problem with the wording.

    Where do we draw the line? Does everyone who reads this page get to rewrite the mission statement? I realize that you were trying to be helpful by addressing a concern, but I personally don’t have a problem with the wording.

    If we try to rewrite the mission statement NOW, we might as well just scrap it all together. I agree that LNT should be observed, but it doesn’t belong in the mission statement any more than asking people to leash their dogs.

    We are too close to the event to worry about the opinion of ONE individual. Our main concern now is to get through this weekend with the least amount of issues. Rewriting the mission statement as this late date does nothing but disrupt the continuity that we have worked so hard to establish.