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    Word of mouth in the hiking community will certainly help the most with this event. The key question is: do you want the word out to get as many people involved as possible or to capture the interest of the media? If it’s the former, I would say BBS’ such as this one will do the trick. If it’s the latter, I would alert The Associated Press in Concord, NH, about a month ahead of time.

    The AP has what is known as a “daybook,” which is a listing of public and newsworthy events that goes to just about every TV, radio and newspaper in the state.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about a flock of media. It is logistically very difficult for to lug a TV camera up to a summit. My guess is that the media actually going along on a hike would be confined to an AP reporter and a scribe from the Union Leader. The rest of the media, if interested at all, would be content with shots from the valley below.

    Gee, can you tell I’m in the media? 😉