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    You all have valid points about which date would best represent our mission. I personally like 9/14/2002 for two reasons. First, it is the closest to the actual day. Second, that date being the National Remembrance Day would booster the awareness people would have to the mission since other communities throughout our Nation would also be hosting similar events memorializing the loss of our citizens. We have a year to plan this, so we are not going to solve all our logistic problems in one weekend. We all have a heightened sense of resolve at this moment, so after a little time and reflection, I believe we can reach an agreement on how best to proceed.

    I will be gone until Monday, so I would like to discuss our options with Mary, Greg, and a few others who have expressed some interest in be part of the planning committee. This form was created so everyone can express open opinions and support for our mission.

    To answer your question Head (wall) Hunter, next year a number of the hiking community will on a specific date (we are deciding that now) climb all 48 four thousand foot mountains in NH and display the American flag for an hour or two (another decision) to memorialize our fallen citizens who died in the World Trade Center. We will post all 48 mountains so hikers can then e-mail me or others (another decision) and I will put your name next to the mountain you wish to climb on that specific date. Our goal or mission is to have a hiker(s) on every four thousand foot mountain at 12:00noon of the date we choose to display the American flag and have a moment of silence to remember our fallen heroes.