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If you go with Guyot (I agree 100% with your sentiment of its worth), then I’d say Mt Hight should be the other one (although for visibility, Chocorua, Monadnock, Cardigan and Kearsarge North could get votes). If you stay with the 100 highest theme, then its Sandwich Dome and the Bulge. I think you’d get interest on Sandwich. but I’d guess the Bulge not on anyone’s top 10 list for a choice. I’m in, and would love to have Wildcat “A”. We’ve reserved 9/5-8 in BSP so there would be no conflicts with this event, which we plan to participate in (thanks again for the reminder). Once the website is up, I will send the link to the folks that I hike with. My guess – you will have no problem getting to 48 for this day!

I have a question – where will the flags come from? – SherpaKroto