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    Hey Casey – thanks for the invite, but I’ll be on Washington this year. I’ll look for you!

    Sounds like you have a good plan – good luck, be safe, and have fun!

    – Bill

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    Hey guys,

    I hiked Zealand last year and carried up 20′ of PVC to get the flag above the trees. 20′ did the job – 12′ will be a bit short and you may need to lash it to a tree as you mentioned.

    For my pole I cut two 10′ pieces into two 4′ and four 3′ sections. I had couplings to conjoin each piece with hex bolts and pre-drilled holes to affix each piece to the other and I used eye-hooks instead of hex bolts for the top piece to connect the guy lines.

    I assembled the first two pieces and attached the flag and guy lines to steady it. Then I slowly added another section, raising the pole and inserting another piece below and adjusting the guy lines each time. I was by myself until two other hikers came along as I was adjusting the guy lines for the final piece, so it was a bit of an endeavor. But there are plenty of trees around to tie to, and the trees block most of the wind until you get the flag above the tree tops (if we have wind like last year).

    You can see the rig and read more about my trip from my write up here:

    Zealand’s a tough one with the trees, but it’s a beautiful hike with Zeacliff! Good luck, have fun, and the effort is appreciated!


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    @Shawn D wrote:

    to: wtcobb and crew,
    Zealand was my first FOT48, in 2009 :flag: its really a great climb..
    I just wanted to inform the 2012 crew, that Zealand is a fully treed in summit. We brought a 12 foot extendable flag pole, and I actually climbed a tree about 10 feet to strap the pole, so that the flag could be seen above the tree tops. Just wanted to pass that info along about Zealands summit, in case you’ve never been there. See the previous years Gallery photos for hints.
    The taller your pole, the better..
    Shawn D.
    Zealand 2009.
    South Twin 2010.
    Monroe 2011.
    Whiteface 2012.

    Thanks for the advice, Shawn! I was originally planning on a 20-foot pole (plus a few inches for connectors). With a 4×6 flag that would give a freestanding pole of 16 feet. Do you think that will clear the trees, or should I aim higher?

    Really appreciate your help!


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    @SilentCal wrote:

    What are you looking for?

    Zealand, for myself (Bill Cobb), Holly Manigan, Bill Newton, Jess Cooney, and James Brodie as a group. All currently registered under Carrigain.

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    Is there a way to switch? I had a back-up in mind that’s still open.

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