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      Wow, what a day. We really lucked out. We started at the Zealand Trail head at 7:30 with a group of 4 and headed to the hut then up the Twinway to the top of Zealand. (For planning purposes 7:30 is a little early and could have enjoyed another 30 minutes of sleep. 8 or 8:30 is a very reasonable start time.) At Zealand we heard the reports of the Bond folks that had passed by earlier.
      We got the pole a good 15 feet above the trees and raised the flag at noon. Decided it was not going to stay so we shortened the pole and secured it a little better; back up by 12:30. The flag was still well above the trees. We not could find a viewing spot of our flag, but we were able to make out the flag on Bond through the trees. (At least I think that was Bond.)
      We were joined by numerous thru hikers and day hikers. This being my first year doing this I was surprised with their responses. I expected the comments of people being impressed with the operation and the raising of the flag, but 9 out 10 said “Thank you”. It really makes you feel proud when you realize that this is something we all share as Americans.
      We were having too much of a good time so we didn’t pull down the flag until 2:30 – 3:00 then ran down the hill.
      It was a great day. I look forward to next year. We could have had a better view, but not better company.

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        We had clear view of your flag from South Twin. Great job getting it above the trees!!!

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          It was awesome seeing your flag with the naked eye from South Twin! I have a zoom photo I will post later for you, too. Nice job!

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            Great Job! We had Zealand last year and also got it well above the trees – no easy feat! (We had to spot it on from a slope heading to Guyot) The trade off this year at Adams was a much harder climb with a heavier pole! :beer: :flag: :flag: :flag: :beer:

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              I can see the pole is the key. We needed a better pole, but for the first try we got it above the trees. Next year it will be better.

              Thanks for the comments.

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