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      We’ve had a request for some plans for Zealand.

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        I am very sorry to have to say this, but I must back out of the hike this week. I have been battling a respiratory infection and I have very limited lung capacity right now.

        Three weeks ago I caught some kind of virus and I ended up on anti-biotics last week and I am still having allot of trouble with chest congestion.

        I have not posted a route yet because I was hopeful I would be able to make the hike.

        Is there someone that has registered for the hike be able to take over as the coordinator?

        Please contact me with any questions or concerns!!!

        New Hampshire
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          Hello Bob,

          No worries, I will get on it.


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            Brian, My friends and I have signed up to hike Zealand. Would you want me to coordinate. Just let me know the specifics. Mike Parker

            New Hampshire
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              Hello Mike,

              We just confirmed a fellow who will be taking the coordinator slot. I am going to have his name put up so he can start coordinating with you folks for your fun adventure. Enjoy and have fun…the weather is looking good so far!


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                :flag: HOWDY HOWDY FELLOW FLAG SUMMITERS!!! :flag:

                Sorry for the late route/plan info…..I just got on board!

                First, WELCOME to all! And THANKS for participating!

                As I understand it our only real goal is to reach the summit of Zealand and put up our flag no later than Noon.

                I’m kind of assuming we’d start up Zealand Trail fairly early Saturday morning.

                I don’t have my guidebook handy, so from memory, it’s ~2.7 miles to Zealand Hut and ~5.6 miles to the summit. I don’t recall their suggested estimates of time.

                More importantly I don’t have any idea how “fast” everybody likes to hike. I tend to hike at a good pace with few breaks, but groups generally hike a bit slower. No rush, we’re here to enjoy!

                It’s not a bad hike up, but it’ll take ??? 3+ hours at a good pace, without much delay and a few short breaks as needed.

                I’d also like to be sure we have at least 1 hour available to setup, allowing for Murphy’s unforeseen glitches.

                I’d suggest we actually start hiking about 7-7:30 am.

                Thus I would suggest the goal be to MEET anytime ????prior to 7 to allow at least a few minutes to say hello and allow for the inevitable guy “running late” – that will probably be me!

                [If you wanna start later and hiker faster I’m ok with more sleep!!!]

                MY friend “2Pak” (Mike) and I are field-testing the flag system tomorrow nite at home (in Connecticut). The 2 of us are probably capable of carrying everything up ourselves – but we are certainly willing to share the “fun” if you desire.

                Anyone/everyone is welcome to hike up and/or carry up the flag setup – or meet us up there is you prefer. (We won’t feel slighted if you wander in later – or beat us up there if you’re gung ho for a sunrise view from the Whites)

                Whatever floats your boat!

                I’m sorry for the last minute plan – and quite open to any suggestions. I’m a minimal planner and generally pretty flexible.

                Other random thoughts:

                Bring a good lunch, scrumpious homemade snacks to share (Mmmmmm), plenty of beverages of choice, warm dry clothes for “chilling” at the summit, and cameras, and binoculars!

                I certainly intend to hike down to Guyot for a look around at the other summit flags!

                Feedback/opinions on the plan MUCH Welcomed!

                (aka “FedEx” ) 8) 8) 8)

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                  The AMC Guidebook suggests the first 2.7 miles takes about 1hr 45min hike time to Zealand Falls (gaining +650ft); then another 3 miles in 2hrs 20 min to Zealand summit spur (+ additional 1620ft) then it’s just 0.1mi in 5 minutes and +10 feet from there;

                  So that’s about 4 hours NOT counting any additional breaks. 8)

                  So I think we should shoot for 7am to start hiking;

                  Any thoughts?

                  Gary/FedEx :flag:

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                    Thanks for the information. There are four of us going up with you. Some with more experience than the others, but the pace sounds good. Glad to help with the equipment. See you at 7 am. Mike

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                      If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on a brief summit ceremony, welcoming signs, or whatever feel free to please ACT on it, plan for it, and please bring it. 8) 8)

                      I’m new to this and pretty much out of time!

                      See you soon!

                      “FedEx” :flag:

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