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      Zealand Team, thanks so much for signing up for our expedition and my apologies for this note being a little late as I didn’t qute understand how communication for this works. But now I do and here’s the deal;

      I have three US flags; one I brought back from Afghanistan where it was flown on September 11 2008, a lightweight 3×5, and a lightweight “holiday flag” that is very large 6×10.
      I have a pole system based on lightweight windsurfing masts and a set of carrying bags that is pretty workable for hiking and should fly the colors no matter the wind (well up to reasonable point anyway). And finally, we have a drone for taking pictures and that could be really cool, but it’s in the shop. So keep your fingers crossed.

      So the concept is to meet at the trailhead at 5:30 (the parking lot at the southernmost end of Zealand road). That gives really high probability that we will top out with time to rig, raise and render honors
      before 12:00. Then we hang till 2:00 (some folks may want to hike over and tag Mt Guyot) and then disassemble the pole and start down. Then Denise and I will provide refreshments at the trailhead when we finish.

      That’s the whole plan. Suggestions welcome. Volunteers to help carry the poles even more welcome. Thanks for your help and support of this event.

      Tom and Denise O’D


      Tom Dee ODonovan
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        Question: As much as I hike my biggest issue is making sure where to meet. I see you
        wrote the southern most parking lot, on Zealand Rd; so there are 3 parking
        areas on Zealand Rd, is the southern one closest to Zealand trailhead? The
        first is by camping area, second is where most park for Mt Hale, so I am
        presuming the 3rd one is right by Zealand Trail. Is this where we are
        meeting by 5:30 am?

        Also are we heading to the hut by the falls, by Zeacliff Pond and then up

        I apologize if I am asking a lot of questions. I just need info in my
        head so I’m mentally prepared and the hike is the easy part.

        Answer: No problem. Questions are good and link ups are always the toughest part of any operation. The exact location of the parking lot and trailhead is at:

        44°13’29.6″N 71°28’42.0″W
        44.224901, -71.478327

        ​Just put one those into google maps and it will show you exactly where the link up is​.

        In terms of the route we will take, I have not done Zealand before, but the recommended route is exactly the one you describe (Zealand Trail to the Z Hut to Twinway) at 11.4 miles round trip, 2400 feet elevation gain. Hope that works for you. Tom and Denise

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          Hey everyone! I am a little late to the conversation. I will be there this Sunday. I haven’t done Zealand yet either. Looking forward to it. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook and we can exchange numbers for that morning it’s totally fine with me. Steffanie Damboise.

          Tom Dee ODonovan
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            Despite a trip up, and then back down to the hut due to lightning, and then back to the summit, the team successfully raised colors at 1300 sharp. Congrats to all our very very damp participants. And as soon as we get it downloaded we will post drone footage, which we think was a 48er first. Tom and Denise

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              Well done!

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