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      I will be cooridinating my first peak (North Tripyramid) which is wooded. Has anyone ever attempted raising it above the tree line? Or is the flag in such locations kept below tree line? I have no problem with climbing a tree to get the flag visible and flyin’ high! Any suggestions/thoughts?

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        I’d suggest checking the gallery from past years to see what other people have done and then you can figure out what you can do. The gallery can be accessed from one of the tabs on the left.

        Personally, I’d try to get it above the trees. But that’s just me and I usually have a large group hiking with me and we split up the gear.

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          Judging by the pics I would say I need to bring plently of pole sections, rope and duct tape! I would certainly like to get it above the tree cover. I configure something, I’m creative enough 💡

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            Please bring back photos of your “construction” to share in the gallery – we’d love to see what you end up doing. 🙂

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              We did twin North in 07 and we flew the flags on an over look near the peak. In 08 we did Galehead completely covered.

              Both years we have used painters poles that extend to double length and are light enough to carry up the mountain. Find a nice thin tree and tie wrap the hell out of it to the tree. Nice thing is most painters polls have a key loop on bottom and you can tie wrap old glory to it and the pole.

              Extend it up til you are above tree line. The pics for galehead have disappeared in the gallery for some reason.

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                Sounds like what I decided to do. Got 50 Ft. worth of some PVC and will cut it down to 4 ft. sections connected with cup links for easy break down, will try attaching to a tree. If all else fails, it will fly from the North Slide!

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                  If you’re going to use PVC sections, I recommend building some sleeves with pipe clamps to connect the sections. Simple couplers let the pole bend too much and even sometimes let the sections come apart. Yes, this is experience talking! 🙂 Let me know if you want to see a pic of what I’m talking about…

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                    Strangely enough, PVC pipe is NOT light weight. We have used electrical conduit since 2004 now, 1-1/4 for the bottom half and 1-inch for the top half. 10-foot sections cut in three for packing. It has worked out really well I think. Check some of the photos on the peaks linked on my signature. We have used electrical couplings with the 4 screws, not the shorties. Of course plenty of parachute cord for guys, lived through the windy Flume year (when we high-tailed it out 20 minutes early to avoid the lightning rod syndrome).
                    I would look at the “above treeline” as a challenge too, maybe some year.
                    btw … 18 pounds total pole weight, 20 feet high.

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                      My present pole configuration has both PVC and electrical conduit. The electrical conduit section served me well for years until Mt. Jefferson’s high winds bent it all to hell. I straightened out the original piece and and now anchor it inside a eight foot piece of PVC. It’s overkill but it allows me to change setups fairly easy if the winds kick up. On windless days, I just hold the flag anyways like in my avatar. No sense being a kite on the windy days. :flag:

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                        We did North Peak last year, we brought five 5′ sections of PVC pipe, couplers and four 1″ diameter foot long dowels to be duct taped around each joined section. It will be 25′ high right? NOT enough reinforcement and the pole crashed down….. That didn’t happen at home! A sleeve would’ve been perfect, but we did get the flag just over the trees as you can see by the pictures.

                        Whole new plan this year for Owl’s Head

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                          that would be cool to see the flag over the trees again. we were able to spot it from flume a couple years ago. :flag:

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