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      We have had a cancellation on this peak from the Coordinator. Is there anyone listed under the other hikers for this peak that is willing to to ensure that a flag gets to the summit?

      We are having some communication issues.

      Please post here or send an e-mail to


      Scooby Doo
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        This is my first year participating so hopefully I’ve got it covered. I have a flag. If anyone can lend a pole setup let me know otherwise I ‘ll try the PVC pipe setup that everyone seems to be using.

        Here is my plan for Wildcat D:

        I will be taking the gondola up at 11:00 AM. Meet at the Wildcat ticket booth at 10:45 if you’d like ride up together. Otherwise I’ll see you on the summit.

        I am planning a small ceremony once we get the flag up and everyone is welcome to participate in (or not).

        Then some lunch and maybe a trek to the adjacent summits if I feel up to it. If anyone has a camera please bring as mine is not that great.

        See y’all on Saturday.

        Scooby Doo

        PS Make sure you check the weather, dress in layers and bring some nourishment.

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          Could Scout 6, & David Pinals please contact me about Mt Adams. I noticed that both of you have signed up for other peaks.

          John Messinger
          cell: 603-707-9685

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            Scooby Doo,

            I will have a complete rig set (just in case) including a flag pole with me on Saturday. The flag pole that I am planning to use is an extending fiberglass pole saw that extends to about 12 – 14 feet.

            My wife and I will plan to be at the ticket office between 10:30 – 10:45 and will also be taking the gondola up. My daughters and one of their boyfriends will be hiking up the ridge trail and meet us at the summit, so there will be extra hands. I had sent you an email just a bit ago and hope to hear from you…if not see you there. :flag:

            Looking forward to this one.


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