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      I am looking to contact the coordinator for Whiteface. Team Griffin 4ks has signed up to hike Whiteface for this year’s hike and I want to see what is needed.

      Shawn D
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        Hi to all 2012 FOT48, Whiteface climbers.. :flag:
        Shawn Sr and Jr are here for any help with supplies (if needed) we have been on three previous FOT48s, and are equipped with extendable 12′ flag poles, flags (US and POW/MIA) para-lines, ect. Coordinator can contact me if needed.

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          Whiteface team is lucky to have these guys on board :flag:

          2008 Washington
          2009 Adams
          2010 Jefferson
          2011 Monroe
          2012 Lafayette

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            Hey there!

            I am the peak coordinator for Mt. Whiteface.

            I have done Whiteface for Fot48 in the past- you can see my son in the album for Whiteface 2005. He’s much taller now- lol! I have a 3×5 flag and pole that fits nicely into one of the numerous holes that are drilled into the open summit area of the peak. However, some of you folks are equipped with a bigger set up that sounds totally awesome! Bring it because the more=the merrier as far as I’m concerned!

            In the past we have also put a tiny flag on the ‘true summit’ of Whiteface over on the Rollins Trail.

            I registered the name as “CRI,” which is where I work. We have a few avid hikers here that may want to participate. I wouldn’t hold my breath though!

            We will definitely be hiking up Blueberry Ledge Trail. Probably leaving between 7 and 8 am.

            Thanks for signing up! Let me know if you have any ideas for a theme, menu, or thoughts in general about the event. Also, it would be good to know how many people are coming, so we know when to cap it on this site.



            Shawn D
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              Donna and fellow FOT48 Whiteface crew..,
              We are just 2 Shawns, Sr. and Jr.
              We will be at the Blueberry Ledge trailhead @ 113A and Ferncroft Rd. for the 7am start. We plan to camp over Friday nite, (grey F150 w/ camper cap) and we will have cold juices, granola, scrambled eggs, and sausage for anyone interested in joining us for pre-hike breakfast. I will bring our flag set up, and we can have a grand ole display for this years gallery!
              I’m looking forward to meeting you all on 9/8, and Thanks to Donna, for coordinating the 2012 Whiteface FOT48. SEE YA!!

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                Shawns! I am totally up for the pre-hike breakfast! It’s one way to guarantee that we will be awake for an early start.

                I like the idea of a grand ol’ display!

                It’s funny that in Fot48’s early years, my son and I were the only ones on the peak.

                It sounds like we will have a good group.


                Shawn D
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                  OK Donna, its a date, we’ll see you there. I’m sure we will have a great FOT48 hike.
                  We have been very fortunate, the last three 48s we did, (09, 10, 11) we had fantastic weather. Lets hope 2012 is same. I have a new “Honor Flag” for this year, which is a 3′ X 5′ USA style, stars and stripes, with every name, of every person lost on that tragic day. It will be special!

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                    Wow! That flag is sure to conjure some strong emotions, Shawn. Better bring an extra hankie.

                    My son, the 9 year-old pictured in the 2005 Whiteface pics, is going to try to get the day off work so he can join us.

                    Shawn D
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                      Hi to all FOT48 Whiteface climbers.
                      I get e-mails from another “MeetUp” group, and just recieved one saying there are some hikers (maybe 10?) planning on leaving from the Ferncroft trailhead parking area, and taking Blueberry Ledge trail to Whiteface (and then onto Passaconaway) at 7:30 am as well. I let that group know about us, and hopefully, we will have a good size group going on up. The Ferncroft parking is plentiful, and should accomodate everyone fine. I am staying Friday at the trailhead (grey F150 w/ camper cap) and will have the table set, with granolas, muffins, juice and fresh hot coffee going at 6:30 am or so, if anyone is interested in fueling up with us, please be welcome.. I looking forward to another great FOT48 hike, and super 9/11 memorial.. can’t wait! See Ya Saturday.. SD

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