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      This seems like a good excuse to go out and buy myself another flag….and big. Anyone have suggestions on were to purchase? I would also like to get a smaller MIA/POW to fly at the same time.

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        Many Home Depots and Walmarts have some nice flags but you may need to go to a special store to get a BIG flag. You could try :

        I noticed some of the POW/MIA flags on that site as well. As for flagpoles, check out the gallery for a whole host of ideas for displays. [/url]

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          Here is a place in Portsmouth, NH where I buy from:


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            If you’re in the Boston area, there is a wonderful flag store on Mass Ave in East Arlington. If anyone wants a more detailed address I’ll have to drive or bicycle by. 🙂

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              We bought our flag online at Flags Unlimited. They sell all sizes and materials, as well as POW/MIA flags.[/url]

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                I looked at several websites and this one seems to have the best prices.

                I just ordered a 6×10 nylon for $44.00 and it came to only $50 and change with shipping.

                Hope it is big enough for someone to see on Moriah this year (we had a 5×8 on Wildcat-D last year).

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                  The flag I received (see above post) looks excellent – light for flying in small breezes and sturdy. Weight is about 3-4 pounds for a 6×10.

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