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    Personally, I think that we should wait atleast until about 5 or 6 months before the event date, which would be next March or April. People will be excited now, but it is hard to plan hikes 1 month in advance, let alone 11. The longer we wait, the less “no show’s” we will have, and even if we wait until next summer to start taking names, figure on 10-20% being “no show’s”. It is the nature of organizing hikes.

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    RJ asked this question in the name thread so I’m bumping this one up. Any thoughts?

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    I agree, we should launch no earlier than 5 or 6 months before the event. We will have too many no-shows otherwise—people who’s initial enthusiasm wanes.

    Plus, after winter is over the 3-season hikers get excited about hiking again. But 5-6 months is early enough so people can pre-plan (i.e. set aside a day or two of vacation time)

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    I think sometime in the May-June timeframe would be sufficient time to launch this event. I would also offer space to meet personally, if we feel that is necessary next Spring. My office is in Londonderry, NH or I have a condo at Waterville Valley.

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