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      Other than the obvious memorial aspect, what else do you look forward to at this event?

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        Great thread!

        For me I’m looking forward to:

        Meeting Greg.
        Meeting everyone else.
        Post Libations and food.
        Pre-event gathering.
        Meeting folks at the peak and on the trail.
        Testing those engineering skills.
        Hiking and redlining.
        Eating more great food!

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          Hopefully carrying my son to the top instead of taking the tram. And the food afterwards. And meeting Greg (are you bringing your daughter???)

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            Whereas I am excited about the event, I really enjoy the hike itself the most.

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              Really hard to choose just one answer. You should have allowed multiple answers 😀 . Everyone who takes part always mentions the nice things that strangers say when they discover what we are doing. In my eyes, that is the fuel for this event and it will even be better this years due to the date we are doing it. Plus of course it’s great to be able to put screen names with faces at the post-event gathering. Also seeing old faces and freinds make this event truly unique. And it can only get BETTER……

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                Post-event gathering. Getting back late from West Bond last year, and being sick and going straight home the year before, means I *still* haven’t met most of you!!!

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                  I look forward to taking off my boots, putting on my sneaks and meeting some of you afterwards. Last year I decended so quickly, I got to Mooseland way early and decided to head home. Not this year!

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                    I look forward to finishing my 7th, that’s right my 7th 4K (although hopefully by then it will be at least 11)! My first since ACL replacement. Meeting everyone after, and starting some new friendships.
                    :flag: 😀


                    Hey I got a Flag!!

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                      OK…w/o counting the event itself.

                      I look forward to you all buying me and my crew a round. :beer: And our crew returning the favor.

                      Yes…I know some of you feel bad about missing my crew last year, couldn’t make it to the Mooseland, had to bail at the last second….whatever.

                      For those who hike and can’t make it….I’m “in” with the Mooseland staff so send a PO, Money Order or pledge.

                      For those who have taken my above serious…I will buy you the first round…and we will discuss unleashed dogs on snowmobiles till one in the morning.

                      So I guess what I’m saying……

                      Can’t wait to be with you all!!!!!

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