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      Hello all,
      Spending Friday through Monday in the Whites car camping with family. We will start hiking from Haystack Rd. at ~8am. My friend and my inlaws will be hiking with me. I think I will raise the flag at the overlook instead of the actuall peak since it is in the woods. That way all the surrounding mountains can see it. Both my dogs are on the disabled list (temporarially) so they will not be with us for this hike. Summit has a broken toe, and Sadie had to have an emergency Spay last week 🙁

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        Woke up to 46 degree air and clear skies. Arrived at North Twin trail head at 8 am. The 3 crossings of the Little River were difficult to navigate causing me to unoficially remame it to Wet Boot River. After the 3rd river crossing the trail was pretty uneventful, just up, up ,up.. We stopped and took in all the views to the North at the first outlook. From there it was 5 minutes the the top and the outlook where we set up the flag for the day. We had the flag flying by noon. Using binoculars we were able to spot Garfield, Lafayette, Lincoln, Liberty, and of course South Twin. We hung around shooting the breeze. At 2 we dismanteled the flag and headed down. The trip down was uneventful until the Wet Boot River. Overall a 110% day. 😀

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          Well done! Your group was another that I was concerned about due to all of the rain. Crossing the Little (wet boot) River can be tricky. There is a herd path that bypasses the 1st 2 crossings (it starts just before the 1st crossing, on your left), but you still have to do the 3rd, which is the worst. At least the water is not 34 degrees this time of year!

          Awesome job! :flag: :flag:

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