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    The Mount Flume Report: We began our hike at the Lincoln Woods trailhead under ideal weather conditions. Our hike to Mount Flume was via the Osseo trail. Unfortunately, we had a late start partly due to pre-positioning a vehicle at the Liberty Springs trailhead (our exit point). We reached the peak shortly before 1PM, just as the clear skies gave way to a foggy mist. Due to that late start, we extended the viewing period to approximately 3PM. In those short two hours, the wind changed from breezy to fairly blustery conditions; however, our flag and pole held together just fine.

    The flag was received extremely well. Most everyone went out of their way to thanks us for our effort. Most people were also surprised when they learned that the flag would not remain on the peak. We were offered some Guinness from a group of hikers that bagged the peak via the dreaded Flume Slide trail. There was only one woman who appeared offended that we were flying only the American flag since people from many countries were victims on 9/11. We explained that all flags were welcome to be flown during this event and that anyone could volunteer to fly a particular flag (I think she expected us to hike in flags and poles to represent all of the countries involved).

    We packed up around 3PM, and bagged Liberty shortly before 4PM. The weather cleared out for a brief period about 10 minutes before we reached the Liberty summit, so once again we missed the view. We then hiked out via the Liberty Springs trail, periodically being asked “what’s the PVC for ?”.

    Overall, this was an excellent trip and a great experience. The highlight of the trip occurred about 10 minutes before we reached the trailhead after a full days hike. That was when we realized that the keys to the car at the Liberty Springs trailhead were in the vehicle at the Lincoln Woods trailhead 😮

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    Hi shadowband. Welcome to the forums!

    Great report. Thanks for participating. Great pics too…

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    Hey everyone.

    Trip Report from Lafayette.

    First off…who ever was in charge of organizing the weather great job!

    We started off eager and anxious. SilentCal and Grace stopped by at our campsite at the campground and it was our group’s first meeting with others who were participating and it was a definite pick-me up. Six of us said goodbye and good luck to our friends Jen and Aaron who were off to do South Twin. We saw the Lincoln crew in the parking lot and exchanged quick hellos and “Good Lucks” and started our way up the OBP.

    The six of us took our time up the trail. Did not see many others going up. If you discount the camaraderie, laughs, fine views and time for reflection it was your average hike up.At Greenleaf we rested for a bit. Around 10:30am we started up the last stretch to Lafayette.

    The whole time up we would look at other peaks and try to see if any flags had gone up. Although I have gone up Lafayette countless times I always get fooled with the way the trail winds and rock croppings , especially near the summit (probably b/c I’m anxious). Our whole group, b/c I guess of our excitement, just wanted to get there at that particular time in the hike. Then at a quick standing water break, we could just make out the flag over a bump on Lincoln. That’s all we needed. We made it to the summit and raised the flag proudly.

    I know on other sites and perhaps here people bitch about crowds on the summits. Heck…I secretly do it myself sometimes. Lafayette was PACKED! From 12-2pm hundreds (I am not exaggerating) were on top. All we met said thank you, a great number took photos with the flag and a lot just simply touched the pole. We had laminated paper with the mission statement attached to our packs at the base of the pole which worked extremely well. Scores of people read it.

    My friend Sean and I had it in our head to “boogie” across the ridgeline and say hello to the Lincoln crew. We are both glad we did. That crew rocked! After chatting for a while and a quick photo we headed back. On the way back, seeing the flag we had helped put up from a different perspective really was pretty cool.

    At 2:10 the six of us circled up, had a moment for ourselves and proceeded to take down the pole and fold the flag. The trip back was…well…just like going up. I hope I am not premature but when I spoke to people, I would mention that Sep 11 is on a Saturday next year (Leap Year). I am not a betting man, but I would wager, based on the feedback I heard from others, this meaningful event will only grow.

    It was a pleasure to meet others at the bar. I finally can put some names with faces. Frodo, SilentCal and others (sorry if I missed some.). Sorry we were a bit late. Our group broke the cardinal rule. Always go directly to the bar after a hike!! Although the beer we had at the campground tasted mighty good after a long hike as well.

    Myself, Terri, Sean, Jennifer, Melissa, Robbie, Aaron and Jen would like to give special thanks to all who helped organize, in any fashion this great day.

    My only question…when are the sign-ups for next year!

    I will post pictures to the album tomorrow.

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    Pics from Liberty up. I wish I had gotten more with the peak filled in, but the two hours seemed to fly by fast.

    We were first greeted by Brian, who didn’t think he could hike today, but ended up making it out. He thanked us for the wonderful gesture we were making.

    As I introduced myself as “the8re”, a guy sitting next to me said “Hey, did you play Hamlet in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?” Sure enough, this gentleman remembered seeing me in Portsmouth about 5 years ago. “When I first saw you come over the ridge, I thought ‘Hey, it’s Hamlet.'” What a small world.

    We were covered with two general comments:

    1. “Thanks for doing this.” Mostly it was from people who had heard about the event ahead of time.

    2. “Wow! Look at the flag!” Not that our flag was special, just a 3’x5′. But the image of seeing a flag just as you come over the ridge onto Liberty struck some emotion into most of the people. (There was a group of a certain foreign nature that was nonplussed about the flag.)

    We arrived late to the peak (12:15) so we forwent with anchoring the pole and just held it in place. My hiking buddy Bob switched off with me so I could stretch and take a couple pics. Wished I had gotten more with the peak and people at the peak, but I’ll know for next time.

    Incidentally, our route was as such: We hiked in late Friday night and set up camp (around 9:30pm) off the Osseo trail. This was my first night hike in the whites. Never seen so many stars in all my life.

    We took Osseo up to Flume, then Franconia Ridge to Liberty. Took the same path back, running into the Flume team as they just finished breaking down at 3. We cruised back down the mountain to get back to our camp by 5:15pm. It took us about 3.5 hours to get down from Liberty when it took us 4.5 hours to get up. We were cruising so we could have daylight while we broke camp and lugged our gear back to the car. That and we didn’t want to be late to the party at the Moosehead.

    Last thing I want to mention… both Bob and I appreciated the time at the Moosehead. You all were the best bunch of people we’ve hung out with in a while, and it was the perfect ending to such a blessed day and event! Thank you all for participating and helping us honor an important day in our world’s history.

    So who’s ready for next year? 💡


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    I hit the sumit of Bondcliff around 10:00 and proceeded to erect the flag pole. What a beautiful day. An AMC group sumitted around 10:30. I could clearly see the flag on West Bond. Around 12:30 I decided to put the flag on Bond for a short time (1:00 to 1:30). Sorry to those who made it to Bondcliff after I went up Bond. This somewhat makes up for last years no show on West Bond (my son was born on 9-11-02 ). Thanks to all for the well wishes. I will post pictures soon.

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    As seen in “My Thoughts on Today’s Event!”:

    Ahh-yupp! Well it’s nice to know you have dependable help…not. Team LOMU turned into LOMU, lonely LOMU. I had to do a quick reassessment of my flag pole design. I determined that my design from last year was too much to carry. I dug through my gear and found that my tarp pole would work perfect if doubled up. I found the hike annihilating; I over packed in anticipation of poor weather and could have gotten better sleep (so, stupid!). Something about thinking your running way late and being in trees constantly makes progress seem slow. A funny part was right around the time that I was getting discouraged, I stopped for a breather. In the process of reaching for my water I dropped a trekking pole which disturbed the largest bees nest I have ever heard. Well nothing like the vision of having a beard of bees to kick start your pace. I envisioned the movie “My Girl”, and those episodes of Tom and Jerry involving bees in a formation of an arrow. Anyways after emerging from tree line it turned into a fantastic hike, I can’t complain about the weather and I was dedicated to the cause. I got nothing, but positive feed back even from the US Park Ranger that was at the summit. He snapped a photo and told me he appreciated what we were doing (he had already known about the event.). I saw, no other flags on any peaks and started wondering if I had the right day. After an hour of flag flying I descended, a truly awesome day. Stopped by the Moose Land Grill at about 5:30 and the place was empty, 4 cars max. I waited for about 20 min. and boogied back home. Great Job People! Great Job America!

    Log: I started up Valleyway at about 9:15 (a little late), but Frodo insisted 3 hrs was plenty of time. You were right on dude!

    I peaked at approx. 12:15 let several people know what the cause was and all found it to quote one person “inspiring”.

    I began my decent at approx. 1:20 stopping only for water. Hammered down and got to my car at 4:25.

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    i left home at 4:30am got to trailhead at 9:30am – summited south kinsman at 12:20 – stayed till 1:50 – reached parking area 4:30 got home at 10:30 (with a supper at bickfords at exit 26 in mass.). was nice to be on another mountain summit with a nice view and the flag again 2 days later ( see 9/11/3 ) wish i could do the flags on the 48 again next year but if cops on top are doing the state highpoints again on 9/11/4 (saturday) i will be on mt. marcy again since that is the state that where all the firefighters and police officers were killed so i think it should be covered (in 2002 no one went up marcy, i wish i had known about it, i would have gone)

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    It may be a little late, but at least it’s up there. Trip report is here:


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