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      I would love to know that all six of the original hikers were hiking a peak this year.
      I am wondering what the chances are of this happening?
      Where are all of they?
      Can they be contacted?
      Would they be interested?
      Can we extent to them a special invitation to hike?
      I am somewhat ignorant as to the identity of the original six hikers that began this event
      but I think it would be a very powerful and moving for all of us to know
      these six people were all hiking again this year, the 5th Anniversary of the official Flags on the 48.
      :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :
      I feel these six hikers, without even knowing it, created an event that has allowed countless people
      an opportunity to share their grief and begin healing. This Memorial Hike has made a way for so many
      of us in the hiking community to express respect and sympathy by uniting in a peaceful, positive and
      beautiful way to such a horrific national tragedy.

      What are the chances???


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        I spoke to Frodo about this last year. He would be the one to ask for the names. I know that Gail L. participated in the first two events. She was part of Frodo’s group. I wonder too, if that group knew what would become of that one hike.

        Also whatever happened to RJ? He was a part of the very first steering committee and we never heard from him after the first event.

        One thing that would be really special is if we could get our hands on that orginal Flag that flew on Liberty. I’d like to see that Flag make it to the event each year. Frodo told me that that particular flag was someone’s in the orginal group and Frodo’s poles that he uses today are from the orginal group.

        I would suggest a post on the AMC Journal where this all began.

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          What a great idea! I’d love to see the orginal six (Pucknuts would get a chuckle over the hockey reference) get up on a peak.

          Frodo, think you can swing it?

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            I think there is a better chance of George Mason making the Final Four 😆 (wish I picked them for my bracket 😉 )

            In reality, I don’t know what happened to the rest of the gang. Gail participated in 3 events, but not last year. Rob (The Back Country Explorer on VFTT, who used to be Machimoodus on AMC) lives out West and I haven’t seen him since 2002. He also rarely posts anymore. Mary Margret (MMM) and her husband Tony practically dissappeared off the face of the Earth back in spring 2002 (after helping to found the event on Greg’s site), and Joe (who was Gail’s friend) lost contact right after our original hike.

            RJ is MRH on VFTT and AMC, but has never participated. He helped out with the organizing of first event, and did the manual sign-ups for the 1st year (we have come a long way sice then). Other original committee members were: Spencer, Greg, Gail, Mary-Margret, and myself.

            One thing I do have to mention is that if wasn’t for Greg, who knows what would have happened with this event. We had a dream, but he helped make it REAL. Without his help, this event would have lasted maybe a year or 2. His creation of the original FOT48 website kept the momentum going…

            The other component that has kept things going is the people who have stepped up and have made a difference in keeping this memorial hike alive. I am not going to mention names, but you know who you are… :flag: :flag: :flag:

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              I do not believe I should be the one (no matter how tempting it is) to post on the other relative web sites as to the whereabouts of the original six (plus Greg, but we know where he is). I believe both Greg and Frodo – if they wish to do so – should be the ones to put the word out that a reunion of sorts may be in order this year.
              :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: :flag: ( :flag:<<< Greg )
              Maybe the magic of some one… who knows some one… who knows the ones we are looking for… will happen? Maybe if they live somewhere else they could hike in their home state and send photos? The addition of original flag would be very cool indeed!!

              I just know this could become an extraordinary poignant reality!

              What do you thinks guys maybe it’s worth a shot…?????

              the ever hopeful and nearly begging dirt_girl 😀

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                Did someone say “Original Six”???

                Am I in the right forum or have the 60’s finally caught up to me? :flag:

                OK Chris, here’s my extended reference….each one has to wear an original jersey too.

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                  Hello dirt_girl,

                  It’s a great thought, but I tend to think that the people in question know about the event but choose not to participate… We have to respect peoples opinion and choice, though we might not agree with them…

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                    Okay Frodo… perhaps you know more than I about this group however maybe something as simple as a (direct) invitation wouldn’t hurt.

                    Let them respond or not. At the very least a sincere desire to have them hike again was presented to them. Respectfully seeking to include all six in an event that they began, how can that be dangerous?

                    As I said you may know something more about it but I think no assumptions should be made about how someone else may feel about the event? At the very least let them make the decision. Extending an invitation in the spirit of kindness and unity is harmless, don’t you think?

                    I respectfully remain pleadingly optimistic…

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