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      Up until this point, there have been six people who have been officially ‘voting’ on topics to help organize this event. I think we should open voting to anyone who visits this forum or the upcoming Web page.

      There is a hack out there for this forum software that allows the inclusion of polls. I’ve been unsuccessful in getting this hack to work, but if there’s enough interest here, I try it again. There are also sites like where I can generate ad-supported polls for free for this purpose. Certainly not as elegant, but it’ll work. The next version of phpBB (this forum’s software) is supposed to have a poll feature, but it’s undetermined as to when it will be officially released.

      Therefore, I envision that topics will be brought up and discussed within this forum, and then narrowed down to 3-5 options. A poll (either within these forums or via a third party script like will be created. We can put some sort of time limit on the poll, perhaps 7 days. At which point the votes will be tallied and the topic closed. Thoughts?

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        This is a public event, and the more public opinion, the better. That is one of the reasons why we chose to discuss this whole organization on a public site. If you can get the a poll system working, I am all for it.

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          I agree. It should be a democratic system with as much involvement possible from those who want to participate.

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            agreed…that way when we begin to post the event on other sites, we won’t get people complaining that we are elitist and “who are we to make such decisions” blah blah blah…


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              Okay – well, I have a poll set up HERE for voting on this issue. It’s kind of a lame script. The problem with this system is we can only run one poll at a time, but it will get us by for now, until the new version of phpBB with poll capabilities is released – whenever that is.

              Should we have a poll about how long to run the polls? 😮 For now – we’ll let this one run until the end of the month. Vote now!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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