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      😀 Can anyone help me acquire 3 FOT48 t-shirts and/or pens that I keep hearing about?
      I’d like to reward my Lincoln crew.
      Thank you!

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        I can only vouch for the pens. I knew I should have ordered 200 but I only ordered 100. I’m sorry but I exhausted the supply at the Mooseland Grill. 1000 apologies. Next year I’ll think of something else and get more!

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          Jaytrek57 is the man with the t-shirts. He was taking sizes and email addresses for orders. I emailed him with a pointer back to this thread.

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            Sorry haven’t posted this earlier.

            I am in the process now of getting the final order together for T-shirts. I have all the email addresses from those folks who wanted one but their size wasn’t available.

            A general email will be sent on Sunday Night to those folks and any others who send me their email address between now and then (please PM). This email will have instructions, but basically it is a request for mailing address. I will then send the T-shirt with a SASE for the $10.00 (check or cash).

            I leave for my Canyonlands/Arches/Bryce trip on Oct 4 and return Oct 24. Hopefully the shirts will be done before the time I leave, if not please be patient.

            Also, I’m going to see if my T-shirt guy will just “sponsor/donate” the shirts next year.

            Peace. :flag:

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              If you want to stay and wait for the tshirts, I would be more than happy to take over your trip for you.

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                All I have to say is that it is fantastic to have people such as SilentCal and Jaytrek57 who step up and donate their time and money to make things like this happen. You guys are awesome! :flag:

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                  Frodo – we got the inspiration from your generous FOT48 Patch idea! I’m kicking around another idea for next year already.

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