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      Perhaps I missed something.

      Do we have anyone on the “reserved” peaks as of yet?

      Any inquires?

      I went through the peak list today, which looks great all filled in, and notice that those peaks are still listed as reserved.

      Just asking…..

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        Sorry, guys, Real life has me slammed,

        I’ll try to do some updates tonight on the many questions folks have had over the past coule weeks.


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          Take your time Stephen. We’ll hold up for fort until you get the kinks out. I do believe that one of the summits will be done by some veterans liked we had hoped. As for the others, I figure the sooner we open them up to sign-ups the better. Has anyone posted on any other boards yet about the event?

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            West Bond is now open. I do believe that Washington will be covered, but I have no idea for Wildcat D and Cannon. So as far as I know we have three peaks in need of coverage

            West Bond
            Wildcat D

            Maybe Washington.

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              It’s probably time to make the reserved peaks available to people who want to sign up, or offer them to people who have enquired about them.

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