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      Hey all,

      First, I apologize for checking out for so long, July and August are usually jam packed months. This was the major reason for my push to get everything automated and running by July 4.

      Tonight is my last softball game. The championship series is tied 1-1 (out of three) so, win or lose, softball is over, and I get my life back…

      Until I start night classes in September. Going back to school a year after I finished. Somehow, the theatre degree isn’t cutting it, so I’m going to my A+ PC and Cisco certifications.

      Anyhoo, I should be able to fully update the site this weekend, but here are some things now I need to address:

      -West Bond needs to be picked up, the hiker is going out of country.

      -Dundare is taking South Hancock

      -I’ve had one request to take an accessible peak. I am following up on that.

      -I’ve had numerous requests from additional hikers that they want to take peaks or participate in some way. If you have ANY feeling that you will not make it, please let us know now, as there are hikers willing to take your place.

      -I will respond to all of the e-mails that have come in by Sunday night.

      Again, thank you for your patience.


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        Woo-hoo! He’s alive!!!

        (I’m not taking West Bond again, though)

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          Hey there Stephen,

          Good that you let us know what’s been happening. Some of us wondered out loud where you have been.
          Welcome back!

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            So did you guys win???

            An update on the info packets—> Due to the fact that I’m computer challenged, I decided to do them the old fashioned way, by the US Postal Brigade. Since we got such a great response, I’m going to scale back what is being sent out. As it stands I have 29 packets going out early next week. If you have the unfortunate pleasure of knowing me, your not likely to get one. Those who were at the Hancock campground and those that I personally know, will be excluded. So if you put an address down during signups, expect to see some of my boring prose in the next week. :flag:

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              Stephen, when we doing the Northern Presi traverse???

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                Trying to figure out how to insert the Final Jeopardy tune in here……..Hey Stephen you out there??????

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