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      Those who have contacted me have expressed a preference for going from the Franconia Notch side rather than the Easton approach. They are nearly the same in distance so that’s fine with me. It just could be busier on the Lonesome Lake/ F’n Jimmy trails.

      SO… Book time is around 4 hours via Lonesome Lake. We will meet at/around Lafayette Place Campground (depending on parking) between 7 and 7:30. If we know what everybody’s speed and comfort level are, we could certainly go a bit later. The weather could be a factor as well…

      Feel free to chime in. Let the group know what you’re thinking. Anyone is free to head in earlier or later if it suits them. The flag and associated parts just need to get there in time to set up. I’d like to err on the side of early.

      Thanks, Steve

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        Hey Steve! I am speaking for myself and KateplusFinn (my girlfriend and my dog). Either way up is fine with us, the Easton side might be nice to afford the crowds like you said. We can move at a pretty reasonable pace, being on the trail by 8 should be enough time for us to get up there with time to setup. (Just giving you an idea of our comfort level). I also have a complete pole and flag setup, let me know if you want me to bring anything.


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          Hi Kyle,
          I’m good with a 8 o’clock start now that I know everyone’s comfortable on trail. There are two more joining us that are technology adverse and didn’t want to sign up online, but they are fast movers.

          We have the flag and associated equipment, now we just need help from the weather gods. We’ll expect to be ready to go from the hikers lot at Lafayette Place by 8 then. Green f-150 with 4K and VFTT stickers on the back window.

          Looking forward to meeting you both as well as the dog.


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            See ya then!

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