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      Another year, another FOT48! Signups will begin at 6:00 PM so grab your peak before they’re all gone. Just click on the “Sign Up” link over there on the right.

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        If you need to make corrections, you may pm me and or send e-mail to us by clicking on the “e-mail” button on the left of the screen. Please be very patient with corrections and have another peak in mind if you do not get the peak that you wish.

        Should you miss out on the peak you wish, there is nothing wrong with sharing with another group. You’ll get the chance to hike with like-minded individuals and can make some future hiking buddies.

        Our goal is simple. Cover the 48 peaks with flags and get everyone down safely. This is the 10 anniversary year. As a bonus, I would like to see pictures from all 48 peaks this year. Don’t forget your cameras. Videos are also acceptable.

        Thanks go to all the hikers that commit to this memorial. I wish I could shake all your hands but unless you are on my peak, that will be impossible. I do plan a little video greeting to everyone that I will post on Youtube after the event.

        Let’s make year 10 the one we won’t forget! :flag:

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          I tried at exactly 6:00 to sign up for Mt. Eiesenhower. For some reason our name is not registering, yet I keep seeing other hikers’ names being added to the list. ??

          Also, there are the same names signed up for multiple peaks?

          Oh well, at least it is a large enough summit to accomodate lots of hikers. (And I guess now we don’t have to worry about carrying a flag or poles)

          Edited: 6:20 PM – We got our confirmation email, so I guess we are all set even though our name isn’t showing. Looking forward to it!!! :flag:

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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