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      Folks may have other places they may choose to meet before/after the Flags event. With the Mooseland no longer available, this option is available and open to all.

      All who are interested are invited to stay at the KOA Broken Branch Campground September 8 &9, 2006 (Fri/Sat).

      KOA Broken Branch has been a huge supporter of Flags on the 48 for many years. They continue their support by offering all participants a reduced rate of $10.00 per person/per night.

      Please bring your own food for grilling. Community grills will be available for all.

      Whether it is one night, two, or just stopping by, this relatively ideal location has been a great place for all Flags on the 48 participants to gather and share in their memorial of that tragic day of September 11, 2001.

      Just go to the office and say you are with the “Flags Event”. Our group will be at the island to the right of the office.

      Hope to see you there!

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        I will be there both nights, probably arrive Friday around 4:00pm.

        MA “add more wood” GIC, you are in charge of the fire. Please practice!! Also, don’t forget the clock this time!


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          And of course I’m preparing some hardwood for the community, but this time someone else needs to bring a little wood too!

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            I’m a suburban apartment dweller – my only option to get wood is $4/bundle at the grocery store. 🙁

            Una_dogger and I will be there Friday and Saturday night.

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              I’m not sure I can make it, but….

              We just had a number of pines cut down around the house. I can cut them up and donate it to the cause if you don’t mind burning some “green” pine.

              I might even be able to deliver half way.
              Of course, if I can make it to the event I can truck it myself.

              Magic – any thoughts from our fire expert?

              Sherpa John
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                Sarah and I will try to make it for Friday AND Saturday Nights. Should be a blast!


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                  Hope you can make it Smitty!

                  Cathie and I will be dropping by for a visit both nights. I may bring a grill if I have room.

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                    I may drop by on my way home. I have to scoot that evening, but I may show my face this year as I won’t be staying with Troop 131 for the whole weekend.

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                      Do many of you staying here have children between 6 and 12? I am new to this group and plan on doing Cannon with the older kids. It would be great to meet a larger goup of hikers at the KOA.

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                        This just in, I’ll be there Friday night, possibly Saturday.

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                          @smitty77 wrote:

                          …if you don’t mind burning some “green” pine.

                          Magic – any thoughts from our fire expert?

                          Softwood causes sparks that jump out of the fire and burn people and clothes. Hardwood is almost smokeless. Green anything is a no-no. If each participant brings just one bundle of hardwood bought at any campstore or supermarket, we can have one heck of a ‘ripper’. Just to take the chill out of the night air, of course!!
                          😮 😉 😀

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                            @petewireless wrote:

                            Do many of you staying here have children between 6 and 12? …

                            There were a lot of children at the weekend planning meeting/camping in May!

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