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      Hello my name is Paul Kiernan. To make a long story short I participated last year and did South Kinsman. I was able to fly the flag my cousins coffin was wrapped in and I would like to do this again. It was really good to get it up there and was very moving for all who were there. i signed up late this year and I am just looking to get the flag flown again. If someone does not have a flag yet or is willing to fly this flag in it’s place, please let me know.
      Thank you in advance

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        Are there any peaks that you may be interested in?

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          Suppose i cant be too picky am open summit and some what accessible. Trying to avoid isolation or cabot. Might have to be more on it next year

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            There are sometimes last minute cancellations that occur. I’ll keep you in mind if there happen to be some. The weather may be key here but that’s not going to happen. We ARE getting bright sunshine and a steady breeze.

            Cannon, will have three Flags that I know of. Sometimes, more than one flag is raised at the summits.

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              Paul – sent you a PM.

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                I’ve got Washington this year. Your flag would definitely be welcome – it would be an honor. It might not be the only flag we fly, but Washington warrants multiple flags.

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