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      There have been lots requests over the past few years, and since we have not had patches available since 2005 (2003 before that), it’s time for another batch.

      If you are interested, please send an email to:

      Along with your name, mailing address, and quantity (if you organized a group)

      They are free of charge (and postage).

      There are only 200 available, so please don’t request one unless you don’t have one or yours is worn out.

      Thanks for participating!

      -The FOT48 Steering Committee

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        Hopefully your keeping some aside for the Lafayette crew. See you in a couple days!

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          Forgot to mention, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery…

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            Will they be different from the 2003-2005 version?

            I have the old one and don’t want to put my name in and take away from soemone else.


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              Nope, same artwork just a new batch…

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                Thanks for the badges! We will wear them on our bags with pride :flag:

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