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      Not much of a Trip Report writer, but alas…

      Friday night at KOA had my laptop and when I checked the board it was mentioned that Owl’s Head had opened up. I confirmed with SilentCal that this was the case. I didn’t sign-up for any peaks in case this would happen, and lo and behold…

      So went to bed a bit earlier than expected and awoke the same. Stopped for a coffee, picked up a disposal camera and on my way.

      At the trailhead I met Tmax and whichway who were doing Bondcliff. Chatted a bit and then me and Jackson (dog) were on our way.

      Jackson is a 5 year old mix lab breed who looks a lot like a Chinook. He was raised with us at camps (kids), has hiked all his life, and has basically been outdoors his whole life.

      Took our time and can’t recall exact times at each junction. The river crossings were fine and Jackson enjoyed all the water along the way. 😆

      **Saw my first people about 1/4 mile from the slide junction…a ranger. We chatted a bit and he told me he was going up b/c he heard someone had put a sign-up on the summit.**

      The slide was slow going but we made to the “first” top. Dropped my pack for a quick rest. Then some horror. The Flag, Jim had lent me. A small “cemetary” type had broke in two. 😥 I had the bottom stick. I went down about 20 minutes and had no luck finding it. Another 30 going back up. Then about 15 minutes getting over. ARRGGHHH! 😳

      I made it to the “summit” where the ranger was indeed taking down a sign, although he left a small cairn there intact.

      There was a flag on one of my water bottles so I took pictures of that on the cairn. Said a few prayers, thought about that day. Thought about what an “idiot” I was for losing the flag on the way up, but, quickly rationalized to myself…it wasn’t about the flag but the spirit of the event. Thought about FOT48 and what it means and just basically chilled out.

      Left a little before 2:00pm again, took our time and Jackson did very well after his rest. Met about 5 people going back and they were all very nice and interested in the event.

      At one point Jackson took off into the woods for about 20 minutes. Wasn’t overly concerned. Came back with a big smile…dogs will be dogs. 😆

      Slow going on the LWT going back. Put Jackson on the leash b/c other dogs/people. No big deal.

      All in all about 12 hours total. Not bad for the last minute.

      Back to KOA to catch up with folks. Trekman and crew had great homebrew as usual. :beer: Russ, Hikerfast, MJ, Una, Chris, Rich and others. Chip…I know you were over at the cabin and I was going to stop by as usual…but somehow I didn’t make it…sorry man. 😳

      Great to hear about the wedding from Jim and Cathy. They were also very thoughtful to bring Jackson a “doggie” bag. Mixed it with his dry and a can of wet (the only time he gets wet/his version of a Big Mac). Jackson was passed out at a picnic table by 10:00pm. Had an early day the next day so jackson and I hit the tent and called it a night.

      Really want to thank Jim (Silentcal) who really has gone above and beyond with FOT48. Great job.

      That’s it…way to long as it is. 😆

      ** I know there has been a lot of talk on the boards about Owl’s Head, the cairns, signs, etc.. The ranger did remove a sign and cairns on the way down also at the junction. I add it to my report b/c it happened. I’m not going to discuss the pros/cons of it here and I hope others won’t as well. let’s save for a beer and campfire. :beer: The ranger was polite enough, although, again…I kinda just concentrated on the event.***

      Pictures to follow….


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        An admirable job you took on Jay … here’s to your efforts and willingness to do Owl’s Head. :beer: :flag:

        New Hampshire
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          Great show of it Jay. When Jim told me what you had said about only having 47 of 48 and that you were going…..well that just put a big ole smile on my face. 😀


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            Awesome job Jay! You are right, it’s the spirit and the reflection which are what this event is all about…

            Thanks for stepping up at the last minute. Next time I see you I will buy you a cold one. :beer:

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              I guess we can say you were the MVP of the event this year for grabbing Owl’s Head at the last minute. Many Many Thanks!! :flag:

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                Ditto to everything Brian, Cal, Trekman, Frodo said above! Thanks Jay, you made the event.

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                  Boo-yeah, thanks Jay!

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