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      Trailhead: Lincoln Woods (conveniently located off of NH Rte 112)

      Trails: Lincoln Woods Trail to Franconia Brook to Lincoln Brook to Owls Head Path.

      Flag: 1 to fly at FORMER summit. MAIN flag to fly ABOVE the trees on the new/TRUE/OFFICIAL Summit.

      AM Departure: 7AM

      Pace: Sherpette and I’s pace has quickened as a team over the years, hiking about 30 min to a full hour ahead of book time on Average. We hope to get to the summit by 10:30AM at the latest so we can get the flag above the timber. Please leave at a time comfortable for you and of course you are welcome to join us!

      **REMINDERS: Be forewarned of the Water Crossings. They do tend to be high during this time of year and the water COLD! Plan accordingly. This is a 9 Miles OUT followed by a 9 Miles Back hike (18 Miles Round Trip).


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        SJ, you are on top of things! Thanks for getting the Trips & Routes going (and for taking Owl’s Head so I didn’t have to!

        Sherpa John
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          An absolute pleasure.

          We also plan to fly the WORLD FLAG on the same pole as the American Flag. Of course the American flag will fly higher. Both flags will be above the trees.

          Sherpa John
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            American Flag? CHECK
            World Flag? CHECK

            HIKERS? CHECK

            Now… here’s what you guys gotta help with.. DUCT TAPE! IF YA GOT SOME.. BRING SOME. We need it to assemble the pole!

            And lastly… food… whatcha all bringin to the top?! :beer: :beer: :beer:

            :flag: :flag: :flag:

            New Hampshire
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              Im looking forward to seeing that thing above the trees! Ill have my spotting scope with me. Hopefully I can get some decent pics for you!


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                Flume team will also be looking for a flag above the trees. Good luck, and we’ll see you at the trailhead, 7am sharp.


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                  Pole: CHECK! it’s in my rental’s trunk. 😆

                  Sherpa John
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                    Sarah and I are gonna try and get some coffee for Drew… gotta wake the old goat up afterall..first thing in the morning.

                    Then.. we’re making Peanut Butter cookies for the top… if we don’t eat them all tonight.


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