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      Owls Head:

      Planned Route: start at Lincoln Woods Ranger Station. Lincoln Woods Trail to Franconia Brook Trail to Lincoln Brook Trail to Owls Head Slide Path to Summit.

      Data (WMG): 9.0 miles, 2900′, 6 hours. (RT: 18.0 mi)

      Start time: Boots on trail at 5:30. This puts us on top of Owls Head at 11:30 if we hike at book time. Meet at 5:15 ish.

      This is a long hike. It’s relatively flat for the first 8 miles which is followed with a very steep climb to the summit on the Owls Head Slide. Plan to likely get back out after dark.

      I have a 20′ PVC pole system I’ve used 2 other years with a 4×6 flag. Basic but easy.

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        Hi all,

        Glad to see so many signed up for Owls Head.

        I will have a flag, 2 ten foot PVC sections with needed materials to connect, guy lines, etc. basically everything needed for the set up. We can share pole carrying responsibilities. If weather is questionable, we can go with one section of pole. If weather looks good, we may be able to get the flag above the trees with 20 feet or fly from the top of the slide if it looks better. This same set up has been used on Waumbek and Cabot successfully.

        I had the set up flying the flag in stiff wind yesterday. No guy lines, 20 feet of pole, one strap holding it to a tree. No issues. I will have more straps and guy lines for the actual summit.

        Contact me through this thread if you have any issues. See you all at Lincoln Woods! We hit the trail at 5:30.


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          Hi Raven,

          We are the 7 (possibly eight) coming up from Belmont, MA to do Owls Head. Looking forward to it. We all want to get Owl’s Head and this seems like a great cause. Probably leaving here 3ish to arrive 5ish at the trailhead. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Sounds like you have the flag well in hand. Is there anything we should bring (besides headlamps).


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            Hi George and Owls Head Group,

            Glad to have the company and looking forward to meeting you all.

            In general, I’d say people should have the 10 essentials – here’s a link:
            (No offense if this is common knowledge)

            In particular, I’d stress the warm clothing, rain gear, and extra food, and as you mentioned, headlamps. We’ll be out there 13+ hours trailhead to trailhead and the 2 hours hanging out on the summit may be cold. I’ll have my winter hat, gloves, long pants, and a fleece jacket along with rain gear. I’ll carry a sleeping bag and emergency bivy as well.

            If someone (or 2) wants to bring along a z-rest or thermarest, that would be a help so there is one in the group in the event of injury.

            Rain is predicted this week, so the river crossings may be challenging. We can avoid some but it may or may not be necessary to remove boots to cross. The good news is that we will have two 10 foot poles that can be quickly connected to 20 feet at hand. 🙂 I’m also bringing an “extra extra” pair of socks in the event of wet boots.

            Looking forward to it!


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              I am responding for Hiker-D, Hiker-G, and Hiker-P

              We will be at the Lincoln Woods Ranger Station at 5:15 on Saturday morning!!

              Looking forward to this special event and accomplishing Owls Head at the same time!!

              Let’s pray for NO rain!!!


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                I will driving up tomorrow evening, and hopefully staying in Hancock. I will be at the trail head by 5:15. I have a water filter.

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                  Hi everyone,

                  Just a last message to verify we are on for 5:30 AM tomorrow at Lincoln Woods. I’ll be the guy holding the PVC poles. I plan to arrive by 5:15 as well.

                  If anyone has an issue, you can try to text me at 6o3 6i7 878six although reception is spotty for me on the Kanc.

                  Once we are all there in the morning, we can discuss the Black Pond Bushwhack option. 2-3 of the river crossings may be borderline dangerous tomorrow depending on the rainfall. We will almost certainly have to take boots off and wade 2 of them. This alternate route avoids those crossings by taking a route from the end of the Black Pond Trail northerly (340 mag.) to the Lincoln Brook Trail. It’s 3/4 of a mile or so – I’ve done it twice. We can discuss that tomorrow as a group.

                  See you in the morning!

                  Scott :flag:

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