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      I have to admit this turned out better than I would have expected. We all pulled in to the Lincoln woods parking lot at 6:30. The group pulled together, 8 in all, and we were off by 6:45. Note to next group to do Owl’s head, 6:45 worked perfect. It is always difficult to judge the speed of a group vs. a single hiker.

      The weather reports were not good but it was dry starting out. We took the straight forward approach. Out Lincoln woods trail, Franconia brook to the Lincoln Brook Trail. The trail was very easy to follow. Then started the river crossings over and over and over. The water was low making it easy on the group. We made it to the spur trail marked by a small cairn then up the slide. We meet two guys coming down with an American flag. They wanted to make the 911 remembrance, but did not join up with the group.

      The last mile is the toughest. Up the slide. We all made it up with 45 minutes to spare. Traversing to the actual summit takes a little bushwhacking due to some blow downs that have cause the trail to be lost. We made it to the actual summit and found a small opening in the trees.

      Old Glory was up by 11:45, and proudly displayed. Over the next hour 10 hikers joined us for pictures on then top.

      Knowing the weather was barreling in and a thunder comment we decided to take the flag down at 1pm. We literally had just packed up and started across the traverse when the helicopter flew over head looking for the flag. They made 2 passes just after 1pm.

      We felt bad pulling in early, but considering the 10 mile hike to get out and the on coming weather it was the right choice.

      On the way out we made it to the bridge on the Lincoln woods trail before the deluge hit.

      The group continued back to the parking lot with out a break in the conversation. – Only minor injuries, with fun had by all. This was a great group. I enjoyed hiking with everyone. One of the most enjoyable days hiking – And yes even with the down pour.

      OG Rob
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        First thanks to SilentCal and Company for all the efforts organizing this event.

        I’m glad to have been a small part of this years Flags on the 48!

        Thanks to Dave (Saxman) for stepping up to take the lead.

        Owl’s Head 2012

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          And the MVP award goes to these guys. Furthest miles, no views, and the most exposed to the lousy rain on this day. If I had my way, The Owl’s Head PC from the previous year, gets the first pick for Flags the following year. You guys rock! :flag:

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            Enjoyed meeting and hiking with everyone. Special recognition to the person in our group (sorry, forgot your name!) who completed her 48th 4,000’er and Monty, the dog, who ended covering 30 miles of terrain versus our measly 18. Lot’s of people joined us on the summit throughout. Also, special shout out to the guys who had camped overnight and flew the Stars and Stripes in the morning before our arrival. On our descent down the slide, the flags on Mt. Liberty and Lincoln were visible to us.

            OG Rob
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              @SilentCal wrote:

              If I had my way, The Owl’s Head PC from the previous year, gets the first pick for Flags the following year. You guys rock! :flag:



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                Let me echo my thanks to SilentCal for the words of encouragement. I really appreciate that you and the others on flagsonthe48 for giving me a way to remember the people that lost their lives on 9/11. Raising a flag on a mountain may seem like a small action, but it shouts “We will never forget”.

                Honestly Owl’s Head is my favorite peak, but I have to admit I didn’t realize how high the trees were until I thought to get a flag above them. This is my second year trying to get a flag above the trees, next year I’m going to try signing up earlier, maybe even go for a view.

                Andy: This was Monty’s second time up Owl’s Head. He has tagged about 20 peaks so far. Now if he could keep track he could go for his 4000 ft patch.

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