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  • McRat
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      Hi all!

      Even though three of our five man team backed out, I’m in. I’ll bring the flag up solo if need be. :flag:

      If you would like to help – we are trying to break the 40′ mark and hopefully get Old Glory above the trees. We could use all the help we can get.

      Planning a SLOW early hike up from the Kanc, Greeley Ponds Trail to Mt. Osceola Trail and back.

      You can contact me at 978-869-5317

      Russ McRat

      New Hampshire
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        Good luck Russ…..let Old Glory fly! 40′? I somehow bet this is no challenge at all for a Fools Scout 😉 😆 .


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          Actually, we suspect that the previous record will hold, especially if there is significant wind.

          Scoutmaster Gary made a fairly clever rig, but the challenge of keeping the material light and sturdy starts to get serious once you approach 30 feet.

          If nothing else, we’ve got a reusable 25′ pole and stand. We have an extra 15′ of additions to go for the 40′ mark, but last night’s Iwo Jima reenactment wasn’t very encouraging.

          Gary is working on a modification that might make it work. I suspect we’ll probably give max height a go, and then lower the rig to whatever conditions allow.

          I’m looking forward to it either way.

          Sherpa John
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            Yo Russ…

            Good luck up there. We’ll be thinking of you!

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