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      Myself, Grace, Vicki, Tim, Sonic, Ladybug and Greenwood hit the trail at about 8:00. We met Tom Cronin at the parking lot. Always a pleasure to see someone from past Flags events. He mentioned that his group was doing a loop having carspoted over aat Gale River Trailhead. We had an easy time with the crossings and plodded our way up. We arrived at the summit with about 15 minutes to spare and got our two flags up with about a minute to spare. South Twin’s flag stuck out like a sore thumb. That thing was huge! Garfield and Galehead’s flags we could see with the naked eye. With Binoculars we could see, Flume, Liberty, Lincoln, Lafayette and Owl’s Head from the viewpoint. From the East viewpoint we could see Hale, Tom, Willey and Bond. Outstanding job by all!
      We bailed due to weather at 1:40 and everyone made it out okay. Another good Trip.

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        Congratulations ! It was great meeting you. Thanks very much to the Moderators for all their work ! My boys have been challenged to make all 48 in annual events ! They’ll get back to me when their blisters heal !

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      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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