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      Hello. I’m Michelle Schlickman, I’m the peak coordinator this year for North Kinsman. I would like to meet at Mt Kinsman trailhead at 7am and be on trail by 7:30am. I’m not a fast hiker and just hiked this trail on Aug 29th and made it up in 3 1/2 hours. I’m going to go by that time hopefully I will be stronger in 2 weeks. I have a couple of friends who are very strong hikers and are bringing dogs so please keep that in mind if you are afraid of dogs. They are very gentle and have hiked plenty, one of them is getting close to completing a second grid.

      I would like to be up by 11am to find a secure spot for the flags. I have a telscoping flagpole that works very well with paracords. I mention to flags because I also fly a http://www.rebuilding they provide service animals to veterans and first responders.

      One thing I forgot about this summit is, if we are granted a clear day we can see Cannon Mt clearly and all of Franconia ridge from the outlook. I’m looking forward to this hike. Make sure you bring a lunch and plenty of water sitting on the summit for 2 hours can feel like a long time but I find FOT48 hikes very rewarding. One thing I lack is a presentation. I usually think of things to say on the way up. If you have anything you would like to share I’m looking forward to listening. I try to be a stickler for raising the flag at 12 noon sharp.

      joe conlon
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        Hi Michelle:

        I have signed up for your climb, can I aslo bring my son to help (he is not on FB), we are both OEF veterans? Also Is the trailhead for North Kinsman the one off rt 116?



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          Hi Joe,

          Of course you can bring your son. I’m not sure what an OEF veteran is. The trailhead is the one off 116 that’s the link but google maps has it listed too. If you have never been to that trailhead there is a sign for it but it is sideways to the road so you need to keep an eye out for it.

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            Hi Michelle,

            Just wanted to check in because I’m the peak coordinator for South Kinsman. We’ll be taking the same route and leaving about a half hour or a little more before you. So in case we have any late arrivers, please check in and make sure people are going to North and not expecting to meet the crew for South. I expect we will see you at some point during the day (if not multiple points during the day). Happy hiking!


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              OEF, Operation Enduring Freedom.

              I am planning on vlogging the hike. I like to share this hike with those that can’t do it. I will most likely be the last one to the summit as I have been having some back and sciatica issues so it can take me a while to get warmed up. I have only done 1 4,000 footer this year, Cannon, I took the Kinsman Ridge trail from the Tram and man was that tough. As I recall, this trail isn’t as taxing.

              joe conlon
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                No one should climb alone, I will be happy to climb with you.


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