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      Due to how popular this hike has become, and how quickly the peaks fill up, has there ever been discussion on expanding to the 67 New England peaks, or do you think that would take away the signficance of the 48?

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        There has been discussions in the past on extending to other peaks in the Whites with lackluster feeling towards it, but I don’t remember any discussion per se about other states. The general opinion of those not in favor of it indeed think it would take away from the event in general. BUT, as previous years photo galleries show, occasionally a flag is flown on Mt. Marcy in NY on the day of the event here in NH. By all means, if anyone wants to fly a flag on any of the ME, VT or NY flags in conjunction with this event no one is going to complain in the least. But as far as this site is concerned I beieve the focus will remain on the NH48.


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          When the event was in it’s infant stage, there was discussion as to just how big it should be. There was talk of the Hundred Highest, The six New England Highpoints, the NH 50 highest. Thankfully, it was settled that it would just be the 48 4000K peaks. The first year we filled I believe, 38 peaks and we were pleased as could be. 2003 brought us over 40 peaks and 2004 was the first year we covered them all. Smaller goals of pictures from all 48 have proved more elusive but I do have confirmation that we’ve successfully covered all 48 from 2004 to 2008.

          Should it expand now? In my opinion, if we worry about covering more peaks, if we worry too much about the get-togethers afterwards, if we worry too much about publicity for the event, then it’s starts to lose it’s meaning and why we do it in the first place. It’s a memorial hike, not some fancy trick by hikers. We’ve hiked in blue sky weather and hiked in the pouring rain. In the end the only thing that’s really important is that the Flags are “still there”.

          I welcome any photos from other non- 4k peaks. We’ve had some from Mt. Marcy, Little Haystack, Mt. Franklin and from where the Old Man used to reside.

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            The thought occured this passed weekend while looking over at the Franconia Ridge from the summit of South Twin. Katahdin came to mind, and how nice it would be that those peaks be represented during our hike. But then again, the more complex things become, the more diluted the meaning. Just a thought.

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              Before I even knew of FOT48 my mother and I would carry a very small flag up. I think it is great to carry a flag to the top of other peaks! I thought of doing Paugus if it comes down to not having a peak. But I don’t think the 48 should be expanded officially, it should be kept simple. And if others want to include other peaks on there own and share it with us, please do! 😉

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