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      I remember watching the blurred images replayed countless times on the television.
      I was unable to move or look away; my eyes dropped hot tears onto my jeans.
      Moments of complete incomprehension tied themselves to moments of heart wrenching sorrow.
      I watched thousands of people die that day and could not understand why.
      I could do nothing to change it.
      I look at all people differently since then.
      As if they could also be gone forever, by lunch time.
      It makes a difference.


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        You words are outstanding. It happened so quickly. Another year, another flag event to remember.

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          You raise questions that may not have answers.

          I like these peices, such as yours. Each impression and musing is a square in a quilt.


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            @dirt_girl wrote:

            I remember watching the blurred images replayed countless times on the television.

            i was in the office at work when i heard about it – we went outside and could see the smoke from 11 miles away in queens – then we turned on the TV to see what they were saying – when the second plane hit i was in another room trying to call my brother (a TV transmitter technician)who starts work there at 6am monday thru friday – he worked for channel 31 and channel 4 (all the n.y.c. TV stations had transmitters on the top floor of the first tower that was hit) i just got a busy signal each time i called – then i decided that he must be talking to someone about it, so i called another brother to see if he had heard anything – – and he did – my (TV technician) brother had gone to work late sunday night to disconnect the transmitter from the antenna so a new antenna could be installed – he was offered a day off for coming in on sunday – he chose tuesday, so he was home on his day off at the time that it happened – almost all the guys that he knew from the other TV stations and the motorola technicians all ended up dead…

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              So very glad your brother took that Tuesday off! The attacks are most sad and I can’t find the words to express it. I trust my avatar says it all. Thank you Ken!

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                While I was not as close to the scene in NY that day, I remember it well. Working in the Hartford CT area, my computer’s homepage was a news page, CNN maybe – don’t remember that exactly. But when I looked at the computer I saw the first news flash in minutes from when it happened. I watched closely for the next minutes and when the 2nd tower strike was displayed, I said to others in the office: “this is no accident”. I know, an understatement for sure, but the sense of reason in us said it could not happen that way. This is what makes it so sad and incredible that it happened at all. We cannot fathom the philosophical makeup of those who are committed enough to do such suicidal missions. I am glad that my son got me involved in the Flags event and feel strongly for those who have suffered in connection with the 9/11 attacks.

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